The only question we ask is if there is anything you DON'T want protected!


Prevents And Protects Against Corrosion 

100% Safe to use around any home or business.

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Rusts Gone is a permanent coating applied over active rust. It converts the rust from ferrous oxide to iron oxide. It completely stops and encapsulates any active rust.



Whole home exterior (gutters down)


Golf Carts

Boat lifts

Outdoor Furniture

Light fixtures

AC Units

The only question we ask is if there is anything you DON'T want protected!

Salts Gone Services quotes can be done directly over the phone and will be based off of the square footage of your home or business. 


Rust Correction will be quoted in person based on the work that is required. Our Rust Gone product is a rust converter coating. What this means is it will convert the Ferris oxide (rust) over to iron oxide (black). It will leave an extremely hard and durable coating on top that will prevent the rust from spreading and completely stop and encapsulate it. 


About Us

Salts Gone Services provides on site corrosion protection and correction. Using our time tested and proven Salts Gone™ and Rusts Gone™ we prevent rust from occurring and stop existing rust dead in its tracks. Our products are trusted in the corrosion world by the largest boat, airplane and automotive manufactures. If you are tired of fighting salt corrosion at your coastal home or commercial property all Salts Gone Services to provide you a turn key option to protect your largest assets.


Salts Gone™ is a PH neutral, 100% safe salt removal product. It works by attracting the salt from hidden places using a large amount of electrons (what the salt is pulling from your paint, metal etc.) and then uses the chemical process of chelation to fully eliminate the salt. Chelation works by providing the sodium with something it likes more than the chlorine and the chlorine something it likes more than the sodium. Once salt (NaCl) come in contact with Salts Gone™, it will never be harmful salt again. Salts Gone will also leave behind a micro protective coating on your surfaces. Running your hand over it you would never know or feel. You will just see a clean surface, clean windows and salt free furniture!

Contact us

Salts Gone Services are locally owned and operated. Salts Gone™ is a product of C3 Custom Chemicals and Coatings. Our business is corrosion and the chemicals and coatings used to stop and prevent them. Allow us to protect your largest assets with our high quality and proven products. 


What is Salts Gone?

Salts Gone is an instantly acting salt and brine remover for vehicles, boats and other industrial applications. It is PH neutral and safe on all surfaces.

How Does It Work?

Salts Gone works through the chemical process of chelation. It is satisfying the chemical bond of the elements that makes up the various forms of salt. In more simple terms (and the most common simple form of salt as an example) the NaCl becomes separated. Na is removed from the Cl and each have a new bond. They will never form salt again as they have been satisfied.

How Is It Different Than Just Water?

Water will create the appearance that salt is gone while it is wet. What it did was simply soubise it, and when it dries the salt will remain on the surface. It takes an immense amount of water to fully remove salt. Its easy to taste a teaspoon of salt in a large pot of water. Think of how much water you would need until you could not longer taste it.

The more technical answer is that the salt is attracted to the electrons in the water. It stays in the water until it is gone. Once the electrons from the water are gone it is back to seeking the electrons from the metal surfaces. This is what we visually see as rust.

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